Steve Martins Working Wildlife


Music Videos, Events & Photo Shoot Credits

MGM - Chinese Theater Footprint (Hollywood Star) for "Leo" the Lion! Our Lion - Major - Video HERE!
Rio-2 Movie Promo Cockatoo, Macaws
“50 Cent” Dogs (Cookie & Dominique)
101 Dalmatians Premiere Party Adult & Puppies-Dalmatians
“Alien Ant” Music Video Young Chimp
“Beck” Music Video Dog “Sunshine”
Corporate Party Chimp
“Disturbed” Music Video Dog (Husky)
“Futureheads”Music Video 10 Dogs & Puppies
“Ghosts of Mars” Black Leopards
Interactive Tour Orangutan & Mixed
“Ludacris” Get Back Music Video Dogs (Daytona & Max)
Mulberry Reindeer
“Madonna” Music Tour Video Shoot Wolves and Coyotes
“No Doubt” Music Video Seagull
“Oh No” Black Leopard
Smashmouth Music Video Dog - Terrier
Snoop Doggie Music Video Cats, Dog & Parrot
Spirit Premiere Party Mixed Animals, Tawney Eagle
That Thing You Do Premiere Party Mixed Farm Animals
“The Donnas” Music Video Black Leopards, Cobra, White horse
The Gathering Tiger, Lions, Black Leopards, Black Bear, Chimpanzee, Reindeer, Horned Owl, Cougar Cubs, Baby Alligators, Eagle
“Wallflowers” Music Video White Pony, White Pigeons & White Rabbits
Welcome to America Reindeer
“8 Legged Freaks”-Poster Tarantula
101 Dalmatians Party 8 Dalmatians
2 Christmas Parties Reindeer
ACME Music Video Baby Lion
AM Studio Party 2 Macaws
Acura Stills Dogs (Terrier Mixes)
Advantage Flea & Tick Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens
After Party for Press Conference Baby Chimp
Aladdin (DVD Release Party) Capuchin &Macaws
American Film Institute (Short Story) Chimp
American Vogue - Fashion Shoots Wolves & Tiger
Anderson Consulting Wolves
Anniversary Party (Sennewald 50th) Chimp (April)
Art Gallery Exhibition Young Chimp
Avis Print Ads Dogs (Shepherd & Poodle)
B Cellars Trade Show Booth Eagle
Bar Mitzvah Capuchin & Lemur
Bar Mitzvah Tigers
Bar Mitzvah Capuchins
Bayou Bash, Cal Poly Pomona Alligators
Berlin Zoo Zebra, Spotted Leopard
Berlinders Kodiak Bear
Bernina Sewing Machine Convention Orangutan, Capuchin Monkey, Binturong, Python
Best Friends Animal Society Fundraiser Dog Daisy
Beyonce Music Video Lion Major
Birthday Party Elephant (Rides)
Birthday Party Owl
Birthday Tour & Overnight Cabin Rental Mixed Animals
Bishop Chamber of Commerce Tree Lighting Ceremony Reindeer
Bob Dunn Display Reindeer
Body Wise International Party Tigers
Boston Teacher's Convention Great Horned Owl
Boys & Girls Club Charity Event Camel
Brentwood Country Mart Photo Op Reindeer
Budweiser House Cat, Rabbits, Penguin
Buster Brown Stills Dogs (Mixed Terriers)
CD Rom Video Game "Goosebumps" Wolf
Calabasas Christmas Party Reindeer & Sleigh
Car Dealership Grand Opening Lion Cub
Cancer Fundraiser Dog (Jack Russell)
Celebrity Charity Event @ The House of Blues Young Chimp & Young Cougars
Cell Phone Company Sheep
Charity Event Party Reindeer
Charity Event (Namkung Promotions) Giraffe
Charm Foundation Carnival Fundraiser Elephant & Petting Zoo
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 premiere Horses
Chevron Party Black Leopard
Children's Birthday Party Caracal, Young Chimp
Children's Birthday Party Reindeer
Child's Birthday Party Reindeer
Child's Birthday Party Elephant
Children's Birthday Party Young Chimp
Children's Christmas Party Reindeer
Children’s Holiday Party- Malibu Reindeer
Children’s Holiday Party – Beverly Hills Reindeer & Sleigh
Children's Party Reindeer
Christmas Day Party Reindeer
Christmas Displays @ Various Malls Reindeer & Sleigh
Christmas Party @ Seal Beach Pier Reindeer & Sleigh
Christmas Party for Celebration Entertainment Reindeer
Christmas Party for Marine Corps Lion
Christmas Party, Palm Desert Reindeer
Christmas Surprise – Personal Appearance Young Chimp
Church Christmas Program Tiger
Church Event Male Lion
Church Nativity Scene Camel
Cinco de Mayo Party Donkey
City of Camarillo Tree Lighting Ceremony Reindeer
City of Lake Forest display Capuchin Monkey, Flamingos
City of Ventura Holiday Street Festival Reindeer
Cocktail Party for New Homes Swans
Cocktail Party Reindeer
Coldplay Music Video Coyotes
CompuServe Parrot
Company Picnic- Young Chimp
Conference Adult Chimp
Conference Room Meeting Turkeys
Conservation Event for Zara McDonald Cougar
Convention Center Appearance Cougar Cubs
Corporate Event Capuchin
Corporate Event Sled Dog Team
Corporate Meeting Capuchin Monkey
Corporate Party Reindeer & Sleigh
Corporate Party Young Chimp
Corporate Party - Garden of Eden Camel
Cougar Hill Display Reindeer
Cox Communications Dog (“Moe”-Terrior Mix)
Creative Conference Capuchin Monkeys &Dogs
Cub Scout Dinner Chimp, Snake, Black Bear
Culver City Library Xmas 97 Display Reindeer
Culver City Library Reindeer
Culver City Library Reindeer
Daewoo "Lanos"-Auto Black Leopards
Defenders of Wildlife Presentations Wolves
Denise Richards Party Baby Chimp
Denise Richards Bday Party Chimp Suzy
Disneyland Appearance Dogs ( Casper & Romeo)
Disneyland Appearance (US Postage Stamp Release) Dogs - Dalmations
Disneyland Private Party Dogs “Casper & Romeo”
Disney Opening-Aladdin 2 Tigers, 2 Leopards, 1Camel
Disney Party “The Wild Launch” Lion, Giraffe, Snake, Squirrel
Disney Santa Buddies Promotional Events Puppies
Disney Parade Puppies
Disney Petting Zoo Mixed
Disney Fashion Show 3 Chimps
Disneyworld Celebration Press Event Dogs “Casper & Romeo”
Disneyworld Event Dogs “Riley & Shelby”
Disney World Parade Pyrenese Puppies
Display Q Pickwick Ice Rink Reindeer
Display at Bobcat Company Convention Bobcat “Lucas”
Display Eagle
Display Kangaroo
Display @ Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens Reindeer & Sleigh
Dockers Dog (Jack Russell)
Dollywood Photo Op Reindeer
Dreamer Horse
Dreamworks Holiday Party Camel
Dryel Milk Cow
E! Entertainment Pre-Oscars, “Space Buddies” Promo Puppies
Easter Party @ Hyatt Swans
Easter Party Cougars, Dog, Orangutan
EBAY Still Shoot Pigeons
Edwards Airforce Base “Magic Show” Reindeer
Edwards Airforce Base “Tree Lighting” Reindeer
Enrique Inglesis - Music Video Raven
Entertainment Contractor - Display Reindeer
Evanescence Music Video 3 Wolf Dogs
Excalibur Display Reindeer
F.M. Rocks (Music Video) Horse
Fairmont Private Schools Lion Major
Fallout Boys Music Video Chimps, Orangutan,   Capuchin monkey
Fashion Line Adult Chimp
“Fear Factor” Wrap Party Young Chimp
Finish Line Store Pigeons
First National Security Convention in Las Vegas Young Chimp
Flaunt Magazine Still Shoot Toucan
Fraternity Party  Orangutan
Fraternity Party, U.S.C. Binturong, Monkey & Lemur
Ford Viral Internet commercial Kittens
Fox Sports Leopards
Fowler Packing Co. Zebra & Capuchin Monkey
French Dept. Store - Stills Camel
Full Circle Clothes Chimps
Full Circle Clothes #2 Stills Chimps
Fundraiser Male Lion
Gator Days @ Colorado Belle Alligators, Snakes
Gay Parade Elephant
General Motors Dog (Terrier Mix)
Genie Stills Dog (Poodle)
Genesis Awards Dog
Godzilla Premier Dog (Chihuahua)
Good Times Promo Corporate Party 2 Lion cubs, Chimp
Gustanson's Catalog-Xmas Promo Deer
Halloween Party Wolves
Halloween Party Black Leopards
Hill's International Kangaroo & Black Tail Deer
Hillary Duff “Mr. Pink” Dogs
Holiday Display Reindeer
Holiday Cards & Poster Reindeer
Holiday Event – Old Pasadena Reindeer
Holiday Parade Reindeer
Mtn. Communities Chamber – Holiday Parade Reindeer
Holiday Party for Charity – Kerri Campos Office Reindeer
Holiday Photo Opportunity @ Hyatt Reindeer, Sleigh, Dog
Holiday Promotion Reindeer & Sleigh
Holiday Party (JMP Creative) Reindeer, Sleigh & Penguins
Hollywood Parade (Santa Paws feature promo) Pyrenese Puppy
Hong Kong Print Ad Black Leopards
Horse Whispers viewing Party Horses
Hunchback Party 5 Goats
Iams Trade Show House Cat
In & Out Burger Party 2 Reindeer
Indian Wedding Horses
Indian Wedding Baby Chimpanzee
Infinity 2 Dogs (J.R.Puppies)
Inner Office Christmas Party Invite -Stills Chimp Jake
Italian Stills Lion
JC Penney Stills Dog
Jaguar Party Black Leopards
Janet Jackson Video Zebra
Janet Jackson Video Black Leopard
Jill Greenberg Studio Baby Grizzly Bear
Jim Carey Christmas Party Penguins
JMP Creative Alligator, Tortoise, Coati, Binturong, Puppies, Bobcats, Mini Horse
Joan Embery Outreach Program Mountain Lion (Cougar)
Jon B - Music Video (pop singer) Black Leopards
Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue (lawfirm) Party Alligator
KIIS FM Radio Promo Milk Cow
KPMG Peat Marwick - Private Hayride Party Horses & Wagon
“Kelis” Music Video Black Leopards
Kids Party – Campout Skunk
Kirin Seagram “Two Dogs” Bulldogs
Kort Morston-Private Roman Toga Party Lioness
LA International Church Illustrated Sermon Lion Cub
LA International Church Lion
LA Promos Pigeons
LA Times Magazine Dog "Duke"
Laughlin NV Display Bear
Laughlin, NV Display Lion
Laughlin, NV Display Lion, Leopards, Lynx
Lee Jeans Stills Dog (Jack Russell)
Legacy Batteries-Private Party (Hotel Coronado) Adult Male Lion
Wedding Black Leopard
“Lifehouse” Music Video Dog (Rottweiler)
Lion @ Long Beach Convention Center Lion
Lion King Press Party Zebra, Lion Cub, Giraffe
Lion King DVD Premiere Giraffe & Lion cub
Little Tikes Dog (Terrier)
M G M Stills Lion
Make a Wish Foundation Fundraiser Snake, Monkey, Binturong
Manzella Personal Mgt.- Display Reindeer
Marilyn Manson Music Video Black Swan, Dobermans, Zebra Finches
Memorial for Amber Dubois Wolf Frankie
Mexican Christmas Parade '00 Camel & Reindeer
Mexican Christmas Parade '99 Elephant, Camel
Mexican Christmas Parade Event Elephant, Camel
Michael Fredo Music Video Owl
Microsoft Party (computer game show) Lion
Minnesota Zoo Kodiak Bear “Koda”
Music Video Horse
Music Video Sheep
Music Video “A Fine Frenzy” Potbelly Pig
Music Video “Dolly Parton” House Cat
Music Video "Macy Gray" Black Tail Deer
Music Video “Ying Yang Twins” Tiger
Natural History Museum Educational Video Chimp Caleb
NFL Tailgate Party 2003 Exotic Birds
NTSA (Teacher’s) Convention – Missouri Owl
NYSYNC “The Promise” Music Video Deer, Wolves, Owl
Nat’l Assoc. of Chain Drugstores Convention Chimp Suzy
National Geographic Black Leopards
National Investors Conference Orangutan, Monkey, other small animals
National Wildlife Federation Convention Black Wolf
Neiman Marcus Dog
Neverland Valley Ranch Young Chimp
New York Auto Show Dog (Jack Russell)
Newport Beach Event (Party) Reindeer
Nick at Night- TV Land Party Sm. Pig "Arnold Jr."
Nissan Auto Show Video Dog (Jack Russell)
Nissan Chicago Auto Show Dog (Jack Russell)
Nissan Chicago Auto Show Dog (Jack Russell)
Nissan Luncheon Dog (Jack Russell)
Nissan New York Luncheon Dog (Jack Russell)
Nissan Photo Session at Dealership Jack Russell
Nissan Tour Dog (Duke)
Nissan-Interview & Photo Event Jack Russell
Notorious B.I.G. "HYPNOTIZE" Music Video Black Leopard
Oldsmobile Dog (Jack Russell)
Old Pasadena Holiday Celebration Reindeer
One Voice Charity Event Reindeer
Onward Print Ad Dog (Jack Russell)
Oprah Magazine Dogs (Jack Russells & Dalmations)
Palm Springs Convention Center (Trade Show) 06 Reindeer
Palm Springs Convention Center (Trade Show) 07 Reindeer
Palm Springs Museum Private Party Camel
Panasonic Dog (Jack Russell)
Panic at the Disco Video Rabbits
Panoko Opening Party Donkeys
Parade for Carnival in Haiti Male Lion
Party – Circus Theme Zebra
Party Planners Display Farm Animals
Party Planners Party Burro
Party Planners Reindeer
Pedigree (Stills) Dogs & Puppies
Pedigree Sales Meeting Video Dogs
Personal Appearance for The Mummy Returns Camel
Petco Fashion Show Dogs (Labs)
Petco Photo Shoot Dog (Cocker Spaniel)
Petco Stills Dog (Pointer Mix)
Petco Grand Opening Dog & Cat
Petco Mailers Dogs & Cat
Petco Trade Show Chimp & Binturong
Pet Smart (Holiday Stills) Dog & Cats
Petting Zoo - Galpin Ford Sheep, Goats, Llama, Calf, Chickens, Rabbits
Petting Zoo (Private) Variety
Photo Session at Photography Studio Reindeer
Power Puff Girls Premier Capuchin Monkeys
Premiere of "Anna & The King" Elephants & Horses
Premiere of "Chicken Run" Chickens
Premiere of "Interview With A Vampire" Horse and Carriage
Premiere of "Tarzan Movie" Iguanas, Bullfrogs, Macaws, Tortoises, Capuchins
Press Event @ Galaxy Theatre Reindeer
Press Conference for Redux Beverages Chimp “Jake”
Press Release for "Anna & the King" Asian Elephant
Print Ad for Nikon African Elephant
Private Artist Drawing 2 Lions
Private Birthday Party Reindeer
Private Birthday Party for 4 Year Olds Cougars, Chimp, Capuchin
Private Party Fundraiser Chimp & Capuchin Monkey
Private Fund Raiser Camel, Chimp
Private P.I.H.R.A. Cancer Fund Raiser Baby Chimp
Private Party Baby Cougars
Private Party Zebra & Lemur
Private Party @ Hollywood Palladium Macaws
Private St. Mary's Medical Center Fund Raiser Baby Chimp
Private Home Party Baby Bear
Private Home Party Lamb, Pig, Baby Bear,
Private Home Party Chimp, Tiger, Camel, Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Lion
Private Party (Tom Condon) Black Leopard “Crystal”
Private Party @ Oak Canyon Park Young Chimp
Private Party for Michael Jackson Black Leopards, Lynx
Private Party Kangaroo
Private Party Reindeer
Private Party-Disney Donkeys
Private Party – Reunion Dog (Husky)
Private Wedding Bear, Cougar, Owl, Tawny Eagle            
Proctor & Gamble “Iams” Dog (Yellow Lab) & Cat
Project Unicorn – Web Promo Horse
Promo Video Capuchin Monkey
PSA Non-Smoking Event Dog (Jack Russell)
Public Service Announcement Harris Hawk
Puppy Chow Dogs (Goldens & Labs)
Purina Dog Chow Dogs (Golden Retrievers)
Race to Space (Screening) Chimps
Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Video Wolf
Redman Music Video Orangutan
Reindeer on Display @ Chino Hills Mall Reindeer (2)
Reindeer on Display @ Temecula Town Center Reindeer (4)
REM Music Video Coyote
Retirement Speech Camel
Revolution (Docutainment Video) Dog (Gold Ret.) &Cat (Tab)
Rise of the Apes – internet promo Chimps Billy & Suzy
Robinson's May Baby Bear
Robinson's May Rabbits
Rock Video Black Leopard
Rolling Stone Magazine Black Leopard
Rose Bowl-Auto Club Leopards, Tigers, Cougars
Rubbermaid Black Bear
Rusnak Auto Group –Jaguar Display Black Leopards
Safari Party Mixed African Animals
Safari Party Lions, Leopards and Chimp
San Diego Padres Game Reindeer
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Reindeer & Sleigh
Santa Buddies NYC Photo Ops Puppies
Santa Buddies Tour Puppies
Santa Paws Promo Pyrenese Puppies
Saudi Arabian Government Party Camel
Scientology-Educational Film Deer, Bear, Rabbit Snow Leopard
Scorpion King Premier Party Camels
Scrubs Christmas Party Reindeer
Seal Beach Chamber “Photo Opportunity” Reindeer & Sleigh
Shaquille O'Neal Stills Dog (Bulldog)
ShowFriendz Internet Video Chimp “Suzy”
Snickers Print Ads - 2013 Lion & Zebra
Snoop Doggie Dog Music Video Chickens & Goat
Snow White Disney Party Chimp
Sole` Album Cover Cougars
Space Buddies Premier Puppies
Space Buddies Sales Meeting Dogs
Spec Spot for Director Bulldog
Special Effects Private Party Baby Chimp
Sports Afield Magazine (Stills) Kodiak Bear
Sportsman Trade Shows of Oregon Wolves
Spring 2 Fashion Giraffe & Camel
Steven Tyler Music Video Chimp Billy
Stills For Nissan Jack Russell Terrier
Stills for USA Network “Prancer 2” Reindeer
Stock Footage Stills Wolf, Kodiak Bear, Chimps
Stock Photos for Morgan Mazzoni African Male Lions
Student Film Coyote
Student Film Horse
Student Film “Tower” Dog & Young Chimp
Super Bowl (NEL) Shark Display (Florida)
Susie Field Private Party 2 Reindeer
Swedish Mafia House Music Video Dogs
Taco Bell "20 Items Under a Buck" Dogs (Chihuahuas)
Taco Bell Beat Burger King Chihuahua
Taco Bell Career Expo (Personal Appearance) Dog (Chihuahua)
Taco Bell Irvine (Personal Appearance) Dog (Chihuahua)
Taco Bell Magazine Interview Dogs (Chihuahuas)
Taco Bell New Orleans (Personal Appearance) Dog (Chihuahua)
Taco Bell Personal Appearance Dogs (Chihuahua)
Taco Bell Still Shoot Dogs (Chihuahuas)
Taco Bell Trade Show Nashville Dog (Chihuahua)
Taco Bell "Tricon" Stills Dogs (Chihuahuas)
Taco Bell USA Today  & People Magazine Dogs (Chihuahuas)
Tarzan Party at Pala Casino Chimp (April)
Tarzan Rap Party Chimpanzees, Birds, Elephant, Python
Teacher's Convention Boston Bird (Owl)
Teacher's Convention Florida Bird (Owl)
Teacher's Convention Las Vegas Bird (Owl)
Thermatru - Door Mfg. Co. Tiger, Zebra, Chimp
Time Magazine Chimp
Tori Amos Music Video Red Fox, Raven
Tori Amos Music Video Horse
Tori Spelling – Tori & Dean Party Young Chimp
Tokyo Disneyland Dog
Toshiba Stills Dog (Shepherd Terrier Mix)
Toyota Celica Stills Timber Wolf & White Doves
Toyota Sales Video Lion
Tracking Class Cougars
Tracking Class Mixed (Bear, Cougar, etc.)
Trade Show NY Dog (Chihuahua)
Trade Show Sacramento Reindeer
Trainer’s Class Young Chimp
Training Class Chimp, Owl & Harris Hawk
Tree Lighting Ceremony Reindeer & Petting Zoo
Tree Lighting Ceremony (City of Perris) Reindeer
TV Children's' Video Reindeer
Universal Studios Holiday Party Penguins
Unknown Stock Footage Deer
USA TODAY - Luncheon Sm. Pig (Babe Look-a-Like)
USA TODAY Luncheon Dogs
USA Today -Stills-Nissan Jack Russell
USC - Sorority Party Reindeer & Sleigh
Usher Party Black Leopards, Wolves
Vote for Parks/Linda Parks Political Fundraiser Cougar
VW Website Print Ad Dog (Yellow Lab)
Valencia Town Center 2 Tiger Babies
Ventura Port District Holiday Display Reindeer
Virgin Records Album Cover Black Leopards
Visa/ Dog (Terrier Mix)
Visit to our Ranch to Hold Monkey Young Chimp
Vogue Still Shoot Horse
Volvo GTA Chimp “George”
Walt Disney’s Premiere 11The Santa Clause" Reindeer Team
Warner Brothers Party Dogs (poodles)
Wedding - Private Party Chimp
Wedding-Private Party Capuchin Monkey
Wedding Reception Mixed Animals
West Cigarettes Still Shoot Camels
Western Tradeshow Owl, Skunk
Whiskas “Virtual Cat” website House Cat
Y.M.C.A. Charity Event Reindeer
Zoological Party S.D. Zoo Reindeers
Zoological Society Presentation Lion, Zebra

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