Steve Martins Working Wildlife


Feature Film Credits

"Adventures of Eve" Black & Snow Leopards
"Annie" Dog (Chester)
"A Year Without Santa" Reindeer
"In Crowd" Squirrel
“Knee High P.I.” Camels, Horse, Dogs, Cats
"The Stray" Bees & White Pigeons
20th Century Fox "Bushwhacked" Grizzly Bear, Black Bear Cub, Red Foxes, Raccoon, & Arctic Wolves
A Dollar A Day Wild Boar & Chicken
A Home of Our Own Raven
Ace Ventura Pet Detective II Baboon
Ad for the movie “Dennis the Menace” Dog
Adult Film (Background Animals) Leopards, Bear, etc.
Alice in Wonderland Chimp, Goat, Vulture & Eagle
ALRZ MACK Black Bear
Always European Red Deer
American Wedding Skunk
And Man Created Dog (Documentary feature) Wolves & Dogs
Anasazi Moon Dog (Jack Russell)
Another You Bears, Ducks
Apt Pupil Cats, Pigeons
Arctic Rampage Dogs
Babe – Pig in the City Capuchins, Orangutans & Chimps
Be Prepared Skunk & Snake
Bear Necessities Black Bear
Beethoven Macaws & Rats
Benji, The Hunted Wolves, Cougars, Kodiak, Bear, Eagle, Rabbits, Fox, Deer, Raccoon & Skunk
Beyond the Fences (Student Film) Coyotes
Black Cat Run Dog (Mastiff)
Black Feather Ravens
Bladerunner Owl, Snakes, Vultures, Wallaby, Monkey, Flies, Ostrich & Cobra
Blaze Cougar
Bonobo Jingo -Test Shoot Chimp Suzy
Breathless Rabbit
Bunyan Bear Amos & Deer
Cabin Boy Bull Dog & Cow
Cadillac Deer
Call of the Wild Wolves
Cat People Black Leopards, Cougars, Tiger, Rats, Baboons, Snakes & Cheetah
Cave Girl Kodiak Bear, Reindeer, Goat, Cougar, Hawk & Rabbit
Ceasar Rise of the Apes (Sound Recordings) Chimps
Chutzpa! The Shmooale Glick Story Black Bear
Clan of the Cave Bear Kodiak Bear & Lion
Collateral Coyotes
Congo Zebra
Continental Divide Cougars, Elk & Black Bear
Crime R Us Dog (Shepard)
Cross Creek Deer
Cry of the White Wolf Arctic Wolves
Dances with Wolves Wolves, Ravens & Vulture
Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake Camel, Raven, Coyote
Dark Wind Coyote
David House Cat
Delirious Reindeer
Desert Heat Coyote
Detroit Rock City Dogs (Rottweiler, Shepherd, Basset Hound & Pit Bull)
Dianetics Films Black Leopard
Die Hard 2 Reindeer
Doppelganger Pigeons
Dracula Baboons
DVD for Red Fern Coon Dog, Raccoon, Cougars
Drop Dead Fred House Cats
Earnest Saves Christmas Reindeer
Eaters of the Dead Vultures & Ravens
Edwards & Hunt Bears
ET Squirrel, Fox, Raccoon & Frogs
Everything That Rises Dog
Evil Speaks Wild Boars
Exile Boars, Binturongs, Parrot, Monkey
Flight of the Intruder Alligators
Funny Farm Deer, Grizzly Bear
Gambit Male Lions
Ghost and the Darkness Lion Sounds
Goldie Bear Cougar, Raven
Gotcha Tiger
Grizzly Lake (AKA Wild Grizzly) Grizzly & Kodiak Bears, Dog, Rats & Black Tail Deer
Happy Campers Rats, Skunks
Happy Texas Horses & Armadillo
HBO Movie "Body Bags" Bull Dog, Cow
HBO Movie "Dream On" Cow, Donkey, Sheep & Rabbits
Heartbeeps Kodiak Bears, Deer, Owl, Rabbit Raccoon, Porcupine, Coyote
Hero Spotted Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Snow Leopard, Lynx, & Black Leopards
Hider in the House Dog
Honky Tonk Freeway African Lion
House Party Dogs & Opossum
Human Highway Owl & Raccoon
Hunting of Man Deer (Buck)
I am Legend Mixed Animals - recordings
Idle Hands Dog, Cats, Crows & Pigeons
Ice Man Wild Boars
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can Dogs
In the Nick of Time 7 Reindeer
Incredible Journey Grizzly Bear, Raccoons, Raven, Cougars, Deer & River Otters
Inland Empire Capuchin
It Came from Outer Space Coyote
Jailbirds Poodles
Jingle all the Way Reindeer
Jungle Book II- Mowgli's Story Black Leopards
Jungle Boy Spotted Leopard
Jurassic Park House Cat
Kavic (Canadian) Wolves, Foxes
Kick Boxer II Rottweiler Dogs
Krag, The Cootney Ram Cougars, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
K Town “Super Frog” Dogs & Coyote
Landslide Rattlesnakes
L A Story Deer
Leave it to Beaver Skunks
Let there be Light Horse, Goats
Lightning Jack Grizzly Bear, Vulture, Rattlesnake
Lock Up Rats
Lone Wolf Wolf
Lord Protector Leopard, Hawk, Ferret & Wolf
Lost Souls Black Tail Deer
Love of Life (Canadian, English) Wolves, Bear & Fox
Made in America Asian Elephants, Chimp Black Bears
Mars Attacks Deer, Dove, Goats & Squirrel
Me, Him & Her Cougars
MGM "Species" Rats, House Cat & Coyotes
Ministry of Vengeance Scorpion, Burro, Goats & Chickens
Morning Fall (Student Film) Rabbit
Mother's Boys Snakes, Spiders, Frogs, Roaches, Golden Retriever
Mountain Man Deer, Otter, Cougar, Bear, Skunk & Badgers
Mrs. Santa Claus 5 Reindeer
My Friend Flicka BullFrog, Gopher Snake,Dogs,Chockens, Cougars
Mystery Men Skunk, Rats, Dogs, Ducks, Goat, Chickens, Dachshund & Horse
National Lampoons "Favorite Deadly Sins" Rattlesnake
Natty Gann Wolf Sounds
Night of the Coyote 2 Coyotes
Nightmare on Elm Street Dogs (Dobermans)
Nightmare on Elm Street Dog
Noah's Ark Grizzly Bear, Lion, Chimp & Black Bear
NYPD Mounted Tiger
O.C. Stiggs Doves
Off the Map Coyotes, Rabbits
Old Fish Hawk Kodiak Bear, Wild Boars, Cougar & Grizzly Bear
Omar Khayyam Trailer Camel
On Deadly Ground Reindeer
One Magic Christmas Reindeer
One Paw Ravens
Out for Justice German Shepherd Puppy
Out on a Limb Bear, Skunk
Over the Edge Black Bear
Overboard Raccoon
Paramount Pictures “Black Sheep” 15 dogs in a pack, Snakes, Jack Russell & Raccoon
Paramount Pictures "Fat Chance" Golden Retriever & Rottwieler
Patman (Canadian) House Cats
Peewee Herman's Wild Adventure Black Bear
Perfect Weapon Alligators & Chickens
Perfect Dogs
Phantom of the Mall Rats, Cobra
Planet of the Apes Sounds Chimps
Pirates Dalmatian Dog
Pirates of the Caribbean Capuchins “Levi & Tara”
Poltergeist 2 Dogs, Cats, Birds, Snake & Parrots
Postman (Kevin Costner) Deer
Power Rangers 3 Wolves
Prometheus and The Butcher( Student Film) Eagle
Prophecy II Dog
Race to Space Chimpanzees
Racing Stripes Zebras
Razorback Wild Boars
Reckless Kelly Horse
Red Letters Dogs, Snakes, Alligators & Iguana
Remake "Grizzly Adams" Timber Wolf
Remake "Lassie" Wolves
Remembering Phil Vulture
Resident Evil Extinction Dogs
Rope of Sand Coyotes
Ruby Cairo Harris Hawk, Horses, Tarantulas & Pigeons
Santa Buddies feature film Puppies & Dogs
Santa & Pete Reindeer
Santa’s Slay Dog (Maui)
Sasquatch (Big Foot) Bear
Seaton (Canadian Wolf Documentary) Wolves
Secret of the Lizard Woman Cougars & Owl
Seeker of the Golden Eagle Hawk
Serpent and the Rainbow Jaguars
Shadow of Kilamenjaro Baboons
Shadow Zone Monkeys, Rats, Rabbits, House Cats & Dogs
Sheena African Lion
Short Film House Cat & Kitten
Short Film (England) Kodiak Bear
Shuffle (Feature Film) Dog Andy
Silence Of The North Moose, Kodiak Bear, Wolves,
Sol Good Dog (Bulldog)
Son of Darkness Wolf, Rottweiler & Horse
Sounds for “Lord of the Rings” Wolves
Sounds for “Scorpion King” Camels
Space Buddies Dogs & Ferrets
Spanish Gulch Vultures, Dog & Lizard
Spy Kids 4 Dogs
Stargames Black Bear & Grizzly Bear
Strange Companions Kodiak Bear, Wolves & Owl
Stranger in the House Rabbits
Steven King’s “Desperation” Buzzards,Ravens,Cougars&Dogs
Student Film ( Eric Binns) Cougars
Surf School (Independent Feature) Chimp (Harry)
Talladega Nights (Promo) Chicken
Tarzan II Home Video DVD Chimps
Teen Witch Dogs
The Bear Kodiak Bear & Grizzly Bear
The Book of Eli Housecats & Rats
The Borrower Deer
The Cellar Bobcat & Raven
The Comedy Team of Pete & James Capuchin
The Deer Hunter European Red Deer & Mule
The Edge Bear
The Ewok Movie II Ravens
The Flood Deer
The Giant of Thunder Mountain Red Fox, Squirrel, Tiger, Great Horned Owl, Lion, Elephant, Horses, Camels, Chimp, Snake, Harris Hawk
The Glimmerman Dog, Pigeons & Exotic Parrot
The Golden Seal Sea Lions & Seagulls
The Great Outdoors Bears
The Guardian Wolves
The Healer Owl
The Horror Star Raven
The Hunted Wolves, House Cats
The Newcomers Dog
The Other Side of The Mountain Deer
The Rock 10 Rats
The Search for Santa Paws Dogs & Puppies
The Trigger Effect Raccoon
The Wars (Canadian) Coyote & Raven
The Wolves and the Maiden Wolves
Three Men and a Little Lady Leopards & Macaws
Ties That Bind 2 Mule Deer
Total Recall Rat
Two Cups of Joe Horses & Bassett Hound
Unknown Stock Footage Deer
Universal Pictures "North" Sled Dogs, Horses & Chimps
Universal Pictures "The Next Karate Kid Part III Harris Hawk & Dog
Universal Pictures "Twelve Monkeys" Kodiak Bear & Tiger
Untitled Sunset Strip Doberman, Horse & Peacocks
Venus and Vegas House Cat and Rats
Vision of Seeks to Hunt Great Cougar, Bear, Fox, Deer, Skunk, Owl & Raven
Walk Like a Man (Bo Bo the Dog Boy) Wolves
Walt Disney Productions “The Santa Clause" Reindeer Team
Walt Disney’s remake “The Jungle Book” 2 Black Leopards, 2 Bears, 2 Tigers & 11 Wolves
Wanda Nevada Owl, Ram & Vulture
Watchers II Golden Retrievers
Where the Red Fern Grows Cougar, Raccoons, Blue Tick Hound, Red Bone Coon Hounds & Puppies, Dogs
White Dog Tiger & Camel
Wholly Moses African Lion
Who's that Girl Cougars, Deer & Macaws
Wild America Grizzly Bear
Wild River Black Bear & Deer
Wilderness Family 2 Bears, Cougars, Deer, Wolves, Owl & Raccoon
Wilderness Family 3 Bears & Cougars
Winter People Bears, Raccoon
Wizard of Gore Maggots, Roaches, Rats, Pigeons
Wolverton Mountain Raccoon, Deer, Wolf, Owl, Rattlesnake, Cows, Horses, Pigs, Mules, Goats, Coyote, Rabbit, Geese, Rooster, Chickens, Dogs
Wrong Bet Camels, Donkey, Goats, Chickens, House Cat
Yohan – The Child Wanderer Wolves & Horses
Young Harry Houdini Bear, Wolf
Younger & Younger Rabbits

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