Steve Martins Working Wildlife


TV Show & Commercial Credits

3D TV Demo Reel (3D TV) Black Leopards
1 Versus 100 TV Chimpanzee
8-Simple rules Hamsters
8 Simple Rules Pigeons
8-Simple Rules Dog “Daytona”
8-Simple Rules Goat
“51 Minds” Pilot Chimp
90210 Black Bear
90210 Black Leopard
Garbage Bears for BBC Black Bears
Great Moments in History (ABC Promo) Dog
I Dare You Black Bear
Running With Scissors Capuchin & Baboon
“Spoiled” TV Campaign Dog (Bulldog)
“The Worst Week of My Life” Pilot Dog (Jack Russell)
“V” Snake
Zoe Tiger
13 Moons Chimps
ABC Family PetSmart Charities TV Promotional Dogs
ABC Family Television Bulldog Puppy
Adventures In Wonderland Baby Black Bear
Alf Tiger
Amazing Animals Pot Belly Pig, Dog
Amazing Animals Large Variety - On Stage
Amazing Stories (Santa '85 & '86) Reindeer
Amazing Tails Dogs (St. Bernard Shepherd, Jack Russell)
Amen Snake, Skunk, Burros, Barnyard Animals
America's Funniest Home Videos Blue Tick Hound
America’s Next Top Model Jaguar Cub
Android Phone Software Commercial Lemur
Animal Planet Coyote & Lamb
Animal Planet Chimp
Animal Planet Dog (Cocker Mix)
Animal Planet Reindeer
Animal Planet Owl
Animal Planet “Animals Attack/Eaten Alive” Coyote, Bull, Horses, Cougar
Animal Planet’s “Mascot Madness” Bear, Wolf, Tawny Eagle, Horse, Buffalo, Steer, Camel, Cougars
Animal Planet Promotion Mixed
Animal Olympics Skunk
Animal Rescue Kids Dogs (Mixed Terriers)
Animal Rescue Kids Dog (Mixed Terrier)
Animals Do the Funniest Things Chimps
Animals Are People Too Dog (Golden Retriever)
Applebee's Commercial Capuchin Monkey
Applewood 911(TV Pilot) Dogs (Mixed Terriers)
Ask Jeeves Dog
Attack of the Show (G4 TV) Black Leopard
Attack of the Show (G4 TV) Goat
Attack of the Show (G-4 TV) Kittens
A-Team Alligators
Australian Telecom Camels
BBC “Exchange” Mixed
BBC-Ed. Doc. “Natural World-Death Cat Canyon” Wolves, Raven, Vulture, Elephant
Bailey Kippers P.O.V. Chimp
Battledome Chimp
Beastmaster "Promo" Reindeer
Blue Collar TV Sheep and Dog “Abbey”
Blue Collar TV Dogs (Mason& Toby)
Blue Collar TV –Mullet Dog “Daytona”
Blue Collar TV (White Trash Dog) Poodle “Paris”
Blue Collar TV Capuchin Monkey
Blue Collar TV Chihuahuas
BMW Commercial Rattlesnake
Boarding School (Pilot) Raccoons
Boomer Bear
Born Free (Series) Birds (Harris Hawks)
Bosom Buddies Tiger
Breaking Free Dogs
Bring Fm Back Alive Orangutan, Lion, Tiger Capuchin Monkey, Chimp
Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire Deer (Buck)
Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire Raccoon, Skunk
Californication Season 4 Capuchin Monkey
Call Me Claus (Movie of the Week) Reindeer
CBS Promo Dogs (Bloodhounds)
Charmed Black Leopards
Chips Tiger, Chimp, Baboons, Dogs
Coach Skunk
Columbo Movie Chimp
Columbo Reindeer
Conan TV Show Dog Sage
Conan O’Brien TV Chimp Suzie
“Coral Reef Adventure” (Documentary) Dogs
Critter Gitters Children's TV Show Skunk
Critter Gitters Children's TV Show Black Bear
Cutter to Houston Cougar
Darcy’s Wildlife “Baron Von Chimpie” Chimp “Bella”
Date My Mom Capuchin Monkey
Davey Crockett (Disney) Wolves
Deadwood – Pilot Wolves & Pigs
Deal or No Deal Chimp “Jake”
Death Machines Lion “Major”
Deborah Norville Tonight Dog (Boston Terrier-Toby)
Desperate Housewives TV Chimp Suzy
Diagnosis Murder Dog (Yellow Lab)
Dirty Sexy Money Horse & Lion
Discovery/Animal Planet Dogs & Cats
Discovery Channel – Interview Cougar
Discovery Channel Ravens
Discovery Channel Tiger
Discovery Channel Bobcat
Discovery “Human Prey” Cougars
Disney's Bicentennial Man Black Tail Deer
Disney's "Going Wild" Turkey Vulture, Grey Fox, Black Tail Deer, Coyote, Rats
Disney’s Lizzie McGuire Chimp “Harry”
Documentary “Conquest of America” Dog (Tika),Turkeys, Sheep
Documentary Dog (Terrier Mix)
Doogie Houser Deer
Down Home Bear, Burro, Pigs
Drake & Josh Orangutan (“Rocky”)
Dreamkeeper (Movie of the Week) Ravens
Dream Maker Young Chimp
Drop Dead Diva Chimp Suzy
Drs. Wilde Zebra, Wolf, Bear, Deer, Toucan, Reindeer, Eagle, Fox, Ducks
Due South Dog, Deer
E! Entertainment Lion Cubs
E-Bay Commercial Dog & Hamsters
Edna Buchanan House Cats, Golden Retriever
Eleventh Hour Chimps, Capuchin & Lemur
Eli Stone Chimps
Ellen Degeneres Show Skunk
Emergency Black Bear
Emeril Kodiak Bear
Everynight on VH1 Dogs
Exposed Dog
Fairy Tale Theatre Raccoon, Reindeer, Rabbits
Falcon Crest Parrots
Fame LA Dog
Fantasy Island Fox, Deer
Fantasy Island Wolf, Deer
Farewell to Animals on Fox (TV) Dogs (3), Kodiak Bear, Owl, Lion, Black Leopard, Fox, Zebra, Skunk, Reindeer
Food Lion Commercials, 2012, 2013 & 2014 (Many!) African Lion- Major
Fox Family “Car Commercial” Petting Zoo (Cow & Calf, Pig Goats, Ram, Llama & Lamb)
Fox NFL Sunday Lion (Major)
Fox Sports Chimp
Fox Sports Chimp Jake
Fox Sports Promo Chickens
“Free  Stuff” Pilot G4 TV Chimp
“Free  Stuff” G4 TV Chimps
Fresh Prince Cougar
Full House Red Fox, Skunk
FX Cable “Sins of the Father” German Sheppards 
Game Show (Rock, Paper, Scissors) for Spain Chimp
German Pilot "Tierdoktor" (Animal Doctor) Black Bear, Baby Bear
Going Bananas Orangutan, Chimp
Good Grief Lion
Grace Kelly Story Lion, Zebra
Greatest American Hero Tiger, Bear
Grey’s Anatomy TV Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Adams Grizzly Bear, Deer, Badgers, Otter, Raccoon, Cougar, Black Bear
Grown Ups Chimp Suzy
Gun The Series Dog
Gun The Series Dog
Harry & The Hendersons Skunk
HBO Dog (Bloodhound)
Heartwood Baby Bear, Skunk, Birds,
Hidden In America Ravens
High Mountain Rangers Wolves, Hawks, Bears, Deer
Hill Street Blues Bear
History Channel “Life After People” Dogs
History of the World documentary Camels & Chimp
Hollywood Squares Baboon
Home Improvement Hamster
Hot Sunday Orangutan
How I Met Your Mother Chimp “Suzy”
In Justice Yellow Lab
Inside Actors Studio Dog “Romeo”
JAG Reindeer
Japan TV Kodiak Bear
Japanese T.V. Program Kodiak/Grizzly Bear
Japanese TV Show Raccoon
Jay Leno Show Lemur
Jello Commercial Cinereous Vulture
Jimmy Kimmel Live Chimpanzee
Jimmy Kimmel Live Binturong, Porcupine, Vulture
Johnny Carson Ferret
Johnny Carson Snake
John Mulaney TV Show Dog, Cockatoo, House Cat
Judge Judy TV Show Sheppard Dog
Julie Black Leopards
Justified - TV Show Cats, Pigs, Dog
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Chimp Suzy
"Kirsty" Owls, Dog, Pigeons
Kitchen Confidential Pigeons
Kitchen Confidential Dogs
Kitchen Confidential Wolf spider, mice
Kitchen Confidential Rats
Kitchen Confidential Dogs, Pigeons
Knott's Landing Skunk
KORG - 70000 BC Lion
KTIA Morning News Reindeer
L A Law Macaw, House Cat, Dogs, Frogs
Last Of The Great Survivors House Cats, Orangutan
Life Goes On Skunks (2)
Life Goes On Wolf
Life Goes On Wolf
Life With Roger Baby Chimp
Lifetime Dogs 
Lifetime “What Should You Do?” Dogs
Like Family Dog (Ellis)
Little House On The Prairie Deer, Raccoons
Lizzie McGuire “Red Red Chimp” & “One of the Guys” Chimp
Lucan Wolf, Deer
MTV Capuchin Monkey
MTV Awards Birds
MTV - Random Play Chimp
MTV “VMA Nominee” Dogs
MTV “Wild Boys” Black Bear, Cougar
Malcolm & Eddie Black Bear
The Man Show Chimps
Man vs. Beast Kodiak Bear
Manimal Leopard, Lion
Married With Children Black Bear
Married With Children Chimps 4 Together
Married With Children Squirrel
Master Chef TV Show Chimp, Reptiles, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys (not for eating!!!)
Matt Houston Chimp
Medicine Woman Deer (2)
Medicine Woman Grizzly Bear
Melrose Place 2 Love Birds
Melrose Place Pigeons
Melrose Place Rats
Melrose Place Rats
Merlin The Magician Tawny Eagle
Merv Griffin Chimp
Michael Stanley Band Orangutan
Mickey Mouse Club Kodiak Bear
Micronauts Seagulls
Mini Cooper Car Commercials Dogs & House Cats
Mork & Mindy Zebra
Mo's World Lion
Murder She Wrote Lioness Cub, Raccoon, Fox
Murder She Wrote Pigeons
Murder She Wrote Squirrels
Mystic Warrior Deer
National Geographic Water monitor
NBC'S Noah's Ark Black Bear, Coyote, Chimp, Snow Leopard, Peacock, Goat, Water Buffalo, Black Leopard
NBC'S Noah's Ark Lion, Reindeer, Bull, Cow, Zebra, Giraffe, Armadillo, Skunk, Raccoon, Penguin, Miniature Horses
NBC'S Noah's Ark Kodiak Bear, Vultures,  Black Tail Deer, Ostrich, (2)Vultures, Penguin, Donkey, ElephantKodiak Bear
NBC'S Noah's Ark Vultures,  Black Tail Deer, Ostrich, (2)Vultures, Penguin, Donkey, Elephant
NCIS Promo Dog Auggie
NTC Documentary Rats
Nash Bridges 2 Dobermans
Nash Bridges Kodiak Bear
National Geographic Television Cougars
Nickelodeon Chimp
Nickelodeon – Fresh Beat Band Chimps Billy & Suzy
Nickelodeon “How to Rock” Dogs & Chimp
Nickelodeon “Wild Thornberries” Go Wild Chimp, Bulldog, Guinea Pig
Nickelodeon-Zoey 101 Goat
Night Court Reindeer
Nightmare on Elm street Dogs (Shepherds)
Nightstalker Dogs
Nip/Tuck Chimps Jake & Suzy
Northern Exposure Black Bear, Black Bear Cub
Northern Exposure Red Deer, Hounds, Red Fox
Oscar Pre-Show Alligator
Old Monkey Raccoon
One On One Orangutan
Ouincy Lion, Tiger, Bison
Outbound Black Leopards
PBS Promo Horse
Parks & Recreation TV Raccoons
Paradise Wolf
Penn & Teller “Pet Love” Dogs
Penn & Teller Show Turkeys
Penn & Teller TV Cow & Sheep
People Are Funny Camel
Pilot for USA “Wilder” Dog (Sheppard)
Profiler Coyotes
Reasonable Doubts Golden Retriever
Richard Simmons Python, Tarantula, Rat
“Rita Rocks” TV sitcom Rabbit
“Rita Rocks” TV sitcom Dog Auggie
Roommates Sitcom Chickens
Roseanne Show Binturong, Ferret, Baby Cougars
Rousters Lion, Chimp
Royal Standard Capuchins
Sam Houston Tiger
Samsung Commercials Dogs & Puppies
Santa Barbara Cougars, Rattlesnake, Bear, Reindeer
Sarah Conner Chronicles Tiger, Chimp Bear, Wolf
Seven Days (TV Movie) Pig, German Sheppard Dog
Seven Days (TV Movie) Butterfly
Seven Days (TV Movie) Grey Horse
Seven Days (TV Movie) Goats, Chickens
Sharon Osborne Talk Show Chimp “April”
Shelly & Chainsaw Show Chimp Jake
Sid the Science Kid Dog Daisy
Sid the Science Kid (new) Dog Daisy
Silverspoons Bear
Sketch Comedy for WB Dog (Abbey), Cat, Deer
Skit for Black Entertainment Television Dog (Pitt bull)
Sleeper Cell Camel
SMF with Jimmy Eat World Cats
Snoops Fox
Source Music Awards Chimps, Macaws, Python
Spiderman Lion
Spike TV Chimp “Jake”
Splatypus Chimp
Star Trek Voyager Black Tail Deer, Stuffed Deer
Stargate Ravens
Step By Step Horse
Step By Step Pony
Step by Step Rat
Step By Step Skunks
Stir Crazy Cougar
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Coyote
Sunday In Paris Horse, Cow, Chicken, Dog
Super Bloopers & Practical Jokes Goat, Snails, Duck
Surreal Life African Grey Parrot
Surviving Suburbia Dog Auggie
Surviving the Worst Dogs, Horses, Rattlesnakes & Bears 
Swiss Family Robinson Chimp, Ram, Macaw, Tiger, Lion
Subaru Dog Tested Commercials, 2011, 2012 & 2013! Many Dogs & House Cats
Subway Commercial White Tiger
Tales Of The Gold Monkey Macaws
Talk About Pictures Chimp
Talk Show Pilot Dog (Bulldog)
TBS TV Promo Dogs
Teachers Only Baboon, Zebra, Snake
Texarkana (TV Pilot) Armadillo, Ants, Birds
That's Incredible Snakes, Scorpion
The "X" Files Reindeer & Petting Zoo
The Archers Black Leopards
The Beverly Hillbillies (Movie Special) Chimp
The Bold & The Beautiful Lovebirds
The Colony (TV MOW) Golden Retrievers
The Famous Teddy Z Chimp
The Fawn Deer
The Genius-MOW Chimps (2)
The Hughleys Black Bear “Misty”
The Hulk Bear, Wolves, Deer
The Last Frontier Black Tail Deer
The Leeza Show Dog (Mutt)
The Mole Dog (Doberman)
The Outer Limits Chimp
The Pretender Wolves
The Riches Dog “Mattie”
The Rockford Files Yellow Labs, Mixed Breeds
The Secret World of Alex Mack Raccoons
The Sentinel (Warrior) Black Leopards
The Sentinel (TV series) Black Leopards
The Sentinel (TV series #061) Black Leopards
The Surreal Life Capuchin Monkey
The Thorn Birds Russian Boars
The Tonight Show Jack Russell
The Tonight Show Reindeer, Camel
The Tonight Show Reindeer
The Tonight Show Bulldog “Harley”
The Tonight Show Lion Cubs
The Waltons Deer
The Vampire Diaries Wolves
The Wizard Tawny Eagle
The Yearling Hound Dogs, Deer, Grizzly Bear
Thunder Cougar
Time-Life Special Bears, Cougar, Raccoon
Titus Ferret & Lobster
Titus Wolf
Tonight Show Young Chimp
Tonight Show Elephant
Tonight Show Young Chimp
Tori Spelling – Tori & Dean Show Young Chimp
Totally Hidden Camera Bear, Toucan, Ducks
Tracy Ullman’s State of the Union Birds, Horse, Housecats, Dogs
Trapper John M D Lion, Black Bear
Trident Commercial Bear
True Blood Promo Wolf Shadow & Pigeons
True Blood TV Series Wolves & Black Leopards
True Blood TV Series Wolves
True Blood Season 4 Wolf
T.V. Land Pilot Dog
T.V. Land Dogs, Owl, Cat, Pot Belly Pig
TV Pilot Kodiak Bear
TV Show Raccoon
Twilight Zone Wolves
Twin Peaks Horse, Llama, Ferret
Twin Peaks Llama, Iguana, Myna Bird, Horse
Twin Peaks White Horse, Mynah Bird, Capuchin Monkey
Under Pressure Alligator
Union Square Reindeer
Unlikely Angel Black Tail Deer
Unsolved Mysteries 2 Chimps
Unsolved Mysteries Black Bear
Unsolved Mysteries Small Dog (Pomeranian)
Unsolved Mysteries Pot Belly Pig, Dogs (Labs, Jack Russell)
Unsolved Mysteries Kitten Vampire Diaries
Urban Tarzan Lion, Bear, Monkey, Chimp, Raccoon, Coyote, Wolf, Lemur, Cougar, Skunks, Bobcat & Porcupine
Vampire Diaries Wolves
Vampire Diaries – Seasonal Wolves
Vegas Lion
Warner Bros. TV '1Step By Step" Black Bear, Large Pig, Chimpanzee
Wendell & Vinny - Nickelodeon Dog
Werewolf Wolf
What's My Line? African Lion
What Should You Do Cougars , snakes and foxes
Wild on the Set Dog (Jack Russell)
Wilderness Trail Wolves
Wings Burro
Wishbone TV Series Dog (Jack Russell)
Wizards & Warriors Camels, Zebra, Deer
Women in Film (Documentary) Goat
Wonder World Mixed
World Gone Wild Interview Mixed
X-Play Capuchin
X-Play-Attack of the show Capuchin Monkey
Yellow Rose Zebra
Yes, Dear Raccoon
Yo Coach Raccoon
Zooboomafoo Owl, Raccoon
Zooboomafoo Young Chimp

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