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We believe Granite is a Lab Border Collie mix. On the long ride home from Arizona one of trainers came across a cute little puppy along the side of the desert hi-way. That puppy is now our amazing Granite. He has grown up to be a wonderful dog who loves to work. Granite loves to hang out with his doggie friends and play in the water. He has the energy to last through a long day but can be calm and relaxed when the time calls. Granite is very willing to wear make-up and props even if it is mud.
Granite has medium length hair and weighs about 80lbs.

  • Height is 32" to the top of his head
  • It is 26" to my withers
  • His length from nose to rear is 34"
  • Neck/collar is 20".

  • Some of my finished work!
    KMART ~ Nature Made Products ~ Nestle Candies ~ NIKE ~ Pepsi
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