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My Personal Video!

This little cutie is a shiatsu poodle mix. After finding Mattie on the street we cleaned her up and gave her a hair cut. Mattie proved to us very quickly that she is incredibly smart, loyal, social and willing to please. Whether it's a small dog in the arms or hanging around in a purse, Mattie is up for it all. Mattie has an ongoing list of new tricks. She is considered a small sized dog and weighs about 18lbs.

  • Mattie is 13" to the top of her head
  • 10" to her withers
  • Her neck/collar is 9.5"

  • Some of my finished work!

    TV & Commercials

    Big Lots ~ Bridgestone Tire ~ FedEx ~ How to Rock ~ Tracy Ulman State of the Union ~ The Riches


    Mattie Training
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