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Watch Our Educational Video Featuring Jeff - 05:45mins
Guided by a natural ability and life long love of animals, Jeff Lee began working with animals 15+ years ago. Jeff expertise in animal behavior is the integral part of these programs. We provide people of ALL ages with the unique opportunity to experience and enjoy wild animals up close and personal. This is by far the most stimulating way to learn about these

We Offer a Variety of Program Themes

We share our world with an abundance of wildlife. Some closer than you might realize. Learn about the indigenous wild animals of our continent and what we can do to help co-exist with them.
Many people buy pets without realizing what they are getting into. Take a close yet realistic look at the pet trade and what becomes of unwanted pets.
Students get the chance to explore animals from six different continents. Discover how they adapt and evolve to their various climates and habitats.
Perhaps one of the most difficult places in the world for survival would be the desert. Explore how wildlife adapts and flourishes in this harsh terrain.
So many of us fear these interesting and unique creatures without realizing their importance to the delicate balance of nature. Learn how many of these creepy crawls are as gentle as they are beneficial.
Meet and learn about endangered wild animals, what has driven them to the brink of extinction, and what we can do to help preserve them for generations to come.

If you would prefer to bring your class or group to us, we would be more than happy to provide a tour of our showcase compound. This allows you the chance to meet some of our "biggest" stars.
Tours include a 45 minute presentation of a pre-selected program theme, and a 45 minute tour of the main compound where our famous animal stars live.
We are located only 30 minutes southwest of I-5 from the Frazier Park exit, at the top of the Grapevine. The drive in itself is beautiful & scenic.
Programs are available to schools, preschools, private and senior groups, clubs, tour groups, etc.
(661) 245-2406 - Or use our contact form

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