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This is our wolf pack, we have timber wolves, 1 artic wolf and 2 black wolves. Our wolves are highly trained and sought after for all kinds of film and event purposes. As you can see from the credits and videos on this page our wolves have done an enormous amount of work. Call us today to discuss your needs for a wolf in your project!

Videos of The Wolves Work
Angus & Julia Stone Music Video
Trueblood Wolf Training
Wolf Attack Scene from "Frozen"
Sportsman Show Training

Some of the Wolves Work

True Blood ~ Vampire Diaries ~ The Feature "Werewolf" ~ Sounds for "Lord of the Rings" ~ The Guardian ~ The Hunted ~ The Pretender ~ Timelife Magazine ~ Dances with Wolves ~ Jungle Book ~ Fantasy Island ~ Call of the Wild ~ Cry of the White Wolf ~ Lexus ~ Madonna Video Tour ~ PSA Wolf Fund ~ Martha Stewart Magazine ~ Lone Survivor ~ Bush Music Video ~ Twilight Zone ~ The Young Harry Houdini ~ And Much, Much more...

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