Steve Martins Working Wildlife


Amos the Bear
- 07:39
In this video, you will learn more about one of Working Wildlife's new resident bears, Amos. Principle trainer Keith Bauer discusses the personal relationship he has with Amos.

Birthday Video for Sgt. Daniel Thornhill
-  18:45
Happy Birthday Daniel.

Donna Martin & Her Leopards
- 09:47
A short documentary interview with Donna Martin, owner and trainer of Crystal & Ivory - two of Hollywood's most notorious black leopards.

Leopard Photo Shoot with Monica Hansen
- 02:18
A brief behind-the-scenes glimpse of a 2009 photo shoot with Working Wildlife's two black leopards, Crystal and Ivory, and Monica Hansen.

Lion Cub Photoshoot w/ Monica Hansen
- 02:32
I was invited to document a photo shoot at Steve Martin's Working Wildlife, arranged by acclaimed fashion/editorial photographer, Odette Sugerman, this was some of the fun!

Suzie Goes To Canada
- 09:54
In this brief documentary, we get a rare look at Working Wildlife animal trainer Keith Bauer demonstrating some training techniques with Suzie the chimp, as he prepares her for an upcoming Kraft commercial.

The Truth About Working Wildlife
- 23:45
Recently, Steve Martin's Working Wildlife has fallen under accusation by a certain radical animal rights organization, which has made many false and slanderous claims against Steve Martin, as well as other animal companies.

Training Amos
- 02:03
Amos is getting bigger. Smarter. Quicker. And definitely more handsome. Witness all the awesomeness this bear has to offer in this new video from Working Wildlife.

Wolf Training for "Frozen"
- 13:32
A brief "behind-the-scenes" glimpse at how Steve Martin's Working Wildlife trained and prepared their wolves and hybrids for Adam Green's 2010 suspense thriller, "Frozen."

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