In the world of professional animal training, no name commands as much respect as Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife. As a long-time consultant to the major motion picture industry, and champion of the “positive reinforcement” training methods by which many animal training companies regard as the modern standard of excellence, Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife’s expertise in animal behavior and original training methodology is an integral part of the entertainment business as we know it today. Working Wildlife specializes in over 100 unique “animal actors” who have starred in countless productions, including:

Feature Films | Television Series | Commercials | Videos | Stills & Print Ads | Album Covers | Private Parties | Live Events | Charitable Events | Educational Programs | Community Parades | and much more!

Our animal trainers are specialized professionals, qualified to discuss the details of your shoot, project, or event, which will insure a safe, smooth and successful performance from the animal(s) you select. Each trainer cares for and trains their particular animals, from bottle feeding to adulthood. Babies are raised at home with the trainer and their family members, creating loving animals that are fun and *safe* to be around. Our love and care for each animal sets us apart from others, as can easily be seen on every single shoot.
We believe that the only way to raise an animal is with the same love and compassion you would use to raise your children, and we set out to improve the human/animal bond each and every day.
For more information, give us a call at 661.245.2406.
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