Are animal trainers SAG?

Not all animal trainers are SAG, however most of our trainers are. If you need SAG trainers contact our office for further information.


Are animal trainers Union?

All our animal trainers are local union 399.


At what age do the animals retire?

Each animal is individual. All our animals come first before our work as we work with the animals because we have a deep love for them. We allow our animals to work for as long as they would like or when we see they are no longer as sharp as they seem to think they are. When our animals reach an age or point in time that they need to retire we retire them to the homes of the trainers, friends, family and our 60 acre ranch.


Do you do script breakdowns?

Yes we will do a complete breakdown of your script and give you a detailed budget for your project.


How do I book an animal for our project?

In order to book an animal for your up coming project we ask you to provide us with a description of your project as well as story boards or script pages if you have them available. Our office staff will need to know what type of animal(s), when you are planning on shooting, where you are planning on shooting (Los Angels area or out of town, we travel worldwide), and the action you require from our animal actors.


How many hours can the animals work?

People often would like to know how long a particular animal can work on the set. Each animal is different and a lot depends on what the animal is doing. Is the animal using a lot or little energy while its performing? Is there breaks for the animal in between shots so the animal can rest? Certain animals like many of the primates have very strong sleep patterns much like us humans and find it harder to adjust to working night time hours. Dogs however adjust better than most as long as they have a chance to rest in between set ups. For more information on the animal you are interested in please contact our staff.


How much do animals cost?

There are set prices for the animals but the action that is required will affect the amount of training the animal may need. It is best to contact our office with details of your particular project and the type of animal you require to get a cost breakdown for your project.


Is it possible to have one trainer coordinate all the animals for our project?

If your project requires many different animals we will put one trainer on your project to coordinate the best animals for your project.

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